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  • Looking for skilled workers? Inmates at the Anamosa State Penitentiary are getting upskilled in various industries as we speak. They recently had a chance to share their skills with employers at the Anamosa Employer and Reentry Roundtable event. Here is a glimpse behind the scenes as they train to return to the workforce.

  • One of the first things returning citizens must do after being released from Iowa's correctional system is find steady work; that can be a challenge given their background. Midland Concrete Products was having a hard time keeping staff long-term, so they decided to hire Chris McGowan. McGowan is a returning citizen eager for a second chance. The two found each other to be a perfect match. McGowan got his chance to start over, and Midland Concrete Products now has a dedicated new employee.

  • With low unemployment, some companies are having a hard time filling positions. Often times, one talent pool that gets over looked are returning citizens. At the Employer Roundtable at the North Central Correctional Facility in Rockwell City, the Iowa Department of Corrections and Iowa Workforce Development show how we help those who are incarcerated get the skills they need to build a career and a have a fresh start when they return to society.

  • Losing a job is tough, especially after over two decades on the job. That's what happened to Dawn, but that wasn't the end of her story. Thanks to the help of IowaWORKS Dubuque, she not only landed on her feet, but landed her dream job.

  • Len Jentz, an operating partner at the Waverly Pizza Ranch, makes it a point to hire disabled Iowans.  Employers can add to their workforce by hiring from this pool of often overlooked individuals, and land wonderful employees like Jen.

  • Imates at the Anamosa State Penitentiary are Upskilling as We Speak
  • Chis McGowan is making the most out of his second chance
  • When given the chance, returning citizens can help your workforce.
  • Dawn landed her dream job with help from our IowaWORKS team.
  • Employer talks about benefits of hiring disabled Iowans

Webinar Series: “Building a Future Ready Workforce”

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